OKBB and the Seller

When it comes time to sell a business, one of the best decisions a business owner can make is to continue managing his or her business efficiently (and profitably), while depending on the services of OKBB to orchestrate the steps of the sale.

To make the Seller’s job easier and more effective, OKBB will…

  • Locate and screen prospective Buyers. OKBB utilizes computerized databases to access comprehensive lists of local, regional, national, and international buyers–all to increase the probability of selling the business.
  • OKBB, through an evaluation, will advise the Seller on pricing. OKBB has expertise and knowledge of valuing a business, including the intangibles; thus reducing the danger that every Seller fears–underpricing the business. At the same time, OKBB can help the Seller to understand that the selling price is dictated by the marketplace–not by a well-meaning advisor who may have an unrealistic idea of what the business is worth.
  • OKBB will prepare a marketing strategy and offer advice about essential marketing tools, such as a General Business Summary, and a Confidential Business Review. In fact, OKBB will help the Seller in all key aspects of presenting the business as effectively as possible. Later, OKBB can also help in the structuring of the sale transaction.
  • OKBB will present offers and point out both strengths and weaknesses. OKBB will be a vital advisor during most stages of the negotiation, bringing to “the table” objectivity as well as negotiation skills developed through years of experience in the buying and selling of businesses.


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